WdW ReviewWitte de With
Published by Witte de With
With Andrea Spikker (design assistant)Beau Bertens (design assistant)Berit Smit (design assistant)
165mm x 220mm
668 pages

Best Dutch Book Designs 2017
28th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2018

This project could be seen as a continuation of the work Remco did as publisher of Onomatopee. The publication of printed matter, mainly books, was followed by the development of the digitally published WdW. This was an online platform “aimed at informing our ever-expanding spheres of action in an age of constant reformations be they aesthetic, geographic, economic, communal, ecological, and even spiritual.”


The platform was organized around four dedicated sections – international editorial desks, critical and innovative essays with editorial cartoons, writings about a single image by invited authors, texts thematically commissioned. The design of the platform and all media that derived from it, echo this structure and visual qualities of the core of the project.