New World SummitJonas Staal
Identity, Exhibition
Published by Bak Basis Voor Actuele Kunst
With Andrea SpikkerPaul KuipersYounes Bouadi

The Peoples Parliament was nominated for a Dutch Design Award 2017 (Habitat)

The New World Summit is an artistic and political organization founded by visual artist Jonas Staal in 2012, dedicated to providing “alternative parliaments” hosting organizations that currently find themselves excluded from democracy. The visual foundation is formed by a template that resembles a flag, but is actually a blueprint of overlaying types of parliaments. Deriving from this logo for each new summit — either a new parliament, a symposium or exhibition — a new logo is being generated. The parliament structures and the communication also stem from this same visual principle, providing a synergy within the edition as well as making it clear that these are all part of the larger whole.