In No Particular OrderCreative Industries Fund
Exhibition, Identity
With Beau BertensAndrea Spikker

Studio Remco van Bladel designed the graphic identity for two editions of In No Particular Order. The exhibitions presented a selection of work by about 30 promising designers active in the fields of design, architecture, and digital culture. The designers featured received a year long funding from the Creative Industries Fund. In close cooperation with the curator Studio Remco van Bladel developed the graphic identity for each exhibition and accompanying site and print- and online campaign.
For the first edition we zoomed in on the variety of work of the designers and their visual references. The collage that was formed by the combination of type and these images meant to represent the new generation designers, their interests and positions, and by doing so showed a cross-section of the Zeitgeist.

In the second edition we took the principle of folding and constructing as a model to represent the studio of the young designers. Rather than looking at the work of the individual designers we focussed on the common ground between them. The interviews that were done with the contributors were clustered in audio-fragments around specific themes and were part both of the site and the exhibition.